Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Is mercury in retrograde?

The duck or I have zero clue what the hell "Mercury in Retrograde" means but basically we have decided  that this must be the explanation for why we just had the weirdest weekend in the history of weird weekends. The planets must be out of line and the world must have stopped turning on it's axis to make it so that this last weekend the crappiest plumbers on the planet decided to screw with us.
 Let me first start by telling you to NEVER EVER hire a plumber without a direct recommendation from someone you know that have personally used the company before. I am not in the business of saying bad things about trades people and most of the time I think it's in extremely poor taste....however this company FISHER PLUMBING IN SIMI VALLEY are the biggest A-hole, rip-off, imbeciles I have ever had the displeasure of working with. I can't even write about it without steam shooting out of my ears. I am not gonna get to wordy and long winded about this particular debacle but I will say this experience has taught me a valuable lesson. Bigger does not mean better and if some jerk with a fancy van  tells you on the phone that they are so well trained they could re plumb your entire home in only a few hours for a very low low price.. that is your cue to hang up the phone and never call them back! 
In order to forget about this terrible weekend that has left us another WEEK without a frikin stove, I have been drooling over various pretty interiors. Nothing has anything to do with what happened this weekend but at least it's pretty!

Check Em!

Lefèvre Interiors projects we are working at

Some of my readers asked me when I would be able to post about some new projects of Lefèvre Interiors. Well, the past months, Jan and me were so busy preparing and installing a lof of our projects! The whole process of a design project, from the start to the finishing touch (furnishings, window treatment and decoration included) takes a few months, sometimes even a year!

We are only a small company, where the execution of cabinetry and paneling requires a lot of handicraft and craftsmanship.

Taking all the required measurements and preparing the design renderings and technical plans is a very important phase of the process.

If the plans are approved by our clients, the woodwork has to be constructed by the employees in our workshop.

I thought you might be interested in these projects. So today I show you pictures of some of the projects we were working at the passed months, and which are already installed at our client’s home, but not finished yet.

Painting and docoration has to be finished in the next weeks or months.

But maybe now you will understand how busy I am sometimes and therefore not having plenty of time left to blog!

At this project here, we were asked to design a living room with adjoining kitchen.

14Oak paneling.

19 Before.

Scannen0067 My very first sketch.


Construction in our workshop.


16 Integrated double door to the entry hall.

18 Before.

15 Radiator covering and window shutters.

Scannen0068First sketch.

25 Before.

17 Built-in cabinetry.

Scannen0069First sketch.

8 Double glazed door towards the kitchen.

29 Before.

11 Kitchen.

10 Double glazed door towards the living room.

9An almost finished kitchen isle of which the counter top will be made of the Belgian marble “rouge belge”.

Scannen0072Jan’s technical plan of the kitchen isle.

20 Before.

12This kitchen cabinet is fantstic! I just love this. Do you notice the open parts to store the cutlery?

30 Before.


The second project is the redo of a bedroom.

3 All of the woodwork in this room has to be painted.

6 Before.

4 Built-in cabinets as a French “placard”.

5This is the bedhead wall.


A third project is about a redo of a library room.


This cabinetry and paneling is also made of oak but with a totally different finish than the oak at the first project I showed you.

This library need to be furnished and decorated now.


This is also a redo project of a library room.

2 For this project we used French walnut for the cabinetry.

I will show you more pictures of the room when the window treatment is finished.


And finally, the remake of an existing front door!!!

This is a rather unusual project but the owners of this house couldn’t find no one who was prepared to make this door with the exact profiles and proportions of the 19th century authentic door.

Jan and me decided to go for it and the owners are now very pleased with it.


The new front door. (So sorry I didn’t have a better picture of it.)

Unfortunately we had to change the design of the letter boxes, because the original ones are not conform anymore to the new legislation about the required measurements of mailboxes.


The old damaged door.



I will asap post pictures of the finishing part of these interiors, furniture, window treatment and decoration items included!



All pictures by me.

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Weekend News



Kim Clijsters

Congratulations Kim! We are so proud!!




Axel VervoordtGunther Uecker “Black Rain”

source :


In the Vlaeykensgang, located in the city centre of Antwerp, Axel Vervoordt opens a new exhibition space.

He will focus on the ZERO and the GUTAI art, an international movement of the sixties, who sought harmony between man, nature and technology in which light played a dominant role.

For more information :



Wish you a wonderful weekend!



Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

splatter paint....

Do you think G could whip something like this up for me... Ha!
I think If I handed G a paint brush and some acrylic paint she would just try and eat it instead of making me a masterpiece. 16 month olds....PFttt, Really cute but thus far proving to be lousy at making cool artwork that resembles a Jackson Pollock.

Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

nothing more than rooms with stripes..

Anyone who knows me can attest that myself, the duck and now sadly baby G own about 12 stripey shirts each. Its a sick obsession but one I can't shake. I love a good stripe. Be it a navy striped boat neck  or a white and tan striped cashmere jumper, or in the form of a duvet cover or roman blinds Stripes are the biznatch!

I sumbled upon some cool striped rooms.