Senin, 30 September 2013

Term Four Final Project (& Tips for Creating your own Design Boards)

I did it! I survived my fourth project week.
This one was a big one - Each term more is expected of us as our knowledge base grows. I can't believe I'm officially 1/3 done my degree already. How time flies!
Today I thought I would share my final project and some tips for creating professional looking design boards (for all those fellow design students following my blog! xo)
 1. Be consistent. All of your boards should look exactly the same if you were to take all of your images off of them. I like to prepare my boards with a grey background (complimentary to almost anything & allows your work to shine) and a second pop of colour that goes with the scheme of my design. In this case a fresh, minty green.
2.Don't overcrowd your boards. It will overwhelm the viewer and look messy! Also, everything you put on your board should be mounted on a piece of foam core to create dimension and layers. Shout out to the lovely Steph Sterjovski- I used her picture as the perfect 'mint shopper' inspiration!
3. Your first board should always outline your design concept. Use a small group of images & the concept statement. I also like to highlight the three key words that illustrate the feeling I am trying to create with my design.
4. Use a title block at the bottom of each board with your name & class title, board title, and board number.
 5. Your renderings should be the stars of the show. They will pop more if they are surrounded by a black boarder.
 6. Try not to put all of your boards together in one day or by your eighth board things might start getting a little crooked and sloppy (see above ^).

 7. Always dress to match your boards. Just do it.
Warnings: Doing these boards is costly, time consuming, and will result in major 'designer bags'...and not the good kind of designer bags. I'm talking the ones under your eyes here people. Proof is in the pudding:
I'm very proud of how far I've come in one short year!! I can't imagine where I will be when I graduate. This week I am visiting my parents in Waterloo before term 5 starts on October 7th!

Jumat, 27 September 2013

What’s new in our living room this week ?


I am finalizing the decoration of our living room.

This week framed intaglios and reupholstered armchairs were brought in.


5 - kopieFramed intaglios on paneled wall in our living room.  Paneling by Lefèvre Interiors


7 The intaglios with custom made frame, I ordered at Empel Collections.


In my previous living room update post, I told you about the pair of French 19th century walnut armchairs we had to reupholster. The upholstery was finished this week.

3French armchair with hand carved frame.



I chose for the La Seyne Check pattern by Brunschwig & Fils.

1Upholstery fabric Brunschwig & Fils - La Seyne Check


What do you think about this week’s new items? Do you love them?



Enjoy the weekend !




If you would like us to help decorating your home, feel free to contact us at

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Selasa, 24 September 2013

A nip of fall


Pretty colors of fall …


3Image source : Home Bunch

12Image source : Content In A Cottage


2Image source unknown

16Image source : Immo Dochy


5Image source : Marcus Design

11Image source : Haute Design


1Image source unknown

18Image source : Natalie Haegeman Interiors


19Image source : Costersveld

15Image source : Natalie Haegeman Interiors


9Image source : Content In A Cottage

17Image source : De Puydt


6Image source unknown

14Image source unknown


4Image source : Pinterest

10Image source : Pinterest


8Image source unknown

13Image source : Libeco


7Image source unknown

22Picture by me (our home)


I Love Autumn , don’t you ?


Talk to you soon !




Blogpodium Recap Part 2 of 2: Photobooth Fun and What I learned

Ah guys I am swamped this week! It's finals week which means no sleep and a whole pile of work. But, I promised to share part two of Blogpodium today and I am a girl of my word.

First, some hilarity to make you giggle this morning:
Obviously I was pretty enamored with this photobooth, I did it six times. Mostly I couldn't get enough of laughing and goofing off with all of these lovely ladies I had been DYING to meet. Do you spot anyone you know?

Secondly, I wanted to share the key piece of info I got from each seminar that I attended. I learned so much from each speaker, it was hard to narrow it down!
 Wise words from some seriously successful and inpirational people.
And now I am signing off to kick some design school butt!
Wish me luck loves!