Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

Happy 2012 !!!


New Year 2012


My tip for your fabulous New Years Eve Party? Run out to the dollar store and get some disco balls and strings of beads, then bling out your chandelier like the picture above. It adds instant glamor and sparkle!

And of course, look fabulous yourself. End 2011 by looking and feeling your best, no matter what you're doing.

This is the dress that my boyfriend got me for Christmas, and I know he can't wait to see me wear it! New Years Eve offers up the perrrrfect opportunity to get a little dolled up.  I'm pairing it with the necklace he got for me, and some black alligator pumps (a la Breakfast at Tiffany's: "Be a Darling and look under the bed for a pair of alligator shoes"-Holly Golightly). I'll post some pictures tomorrow!

What are your NYE party decorating tips and what are YOU wearing?
I'd love to know!
-Tiffany Leigh

Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Happy New Yizzle

I wanted to stop in to wish you a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Sexy New Year.

I have missed you all!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I have taken off this much time from Blogging and Working, it's been a bit surreal, but very much needed.

I will be back posting as regular on the 3rd...I expect to see all you lovers here! 

I can't wait to tell you all about my time off and how little I actually got done 


I have some HUGE announcements for 2012..(huge to me at least!)

Amber Interiors is expanding and will be embarking on some cool new ventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'll have to check back here for updates.

Again I want to thank you all for sticking with me my first year at blogging. 

You have all been stellar and I look forward to bringing more crazy content and wild antics for ya in the New Year.



BTW: in case your like me and are obsessed with user name is "amberinteriors"
go stalk!

Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Favourite Furniture Fridays: Eames Lounge Chair


To kick off my very first Favourite Furniture Fridays I wanted to pick a piece that reshaped the history of the furniture world. I had to pick the classic Eames Lounge 670 and Ottoman 671. I recently saw the handcrafted process of making this lounge chair on HGTV’s ‘Design DNA’ and learnt that the construction hasn’t changed much since it first hit the market in 1956. This iconic beauty was designed for the Herman Miller furniture company by Charles and Ray Eames (a married couple) who were inspired by a baseball glove. The design took years of planning, trial and error. In the end, the final design was a keeper, and hasn’t been messed with for over 60 years! The only major changes are switching from rosewood veneer to a more environmentally friendly plywood, and from five layers of wood fused together to seven. In fact, it is part of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) PERMANANTLY, making it not only an ingenious piece of design, but a work of art in itself. What an honour! Just looking at it you can see why. 

Its molded plywood shell is what makes it truly beautiful, and keeps each chair unique. The cushions are made to maximize comfort, and rubber shock mounts allow the chair to flex slightly for a discrete rocking motion. It also swivels 360 degrees. The leather is cinched for a worn look. The classic black leather is a popular choice (and my personal favourite), but Herman Miller now offers the Eames Lounge in a variety of colours and finishes. It makes my favourite list because I love its masculine, industrial and yet comfortable look and feel. It is an iconic piece instantly recognizable in any space.

Before you fall completely head over heels in love with this furniture piece (maybe I should have cautioned earlier), I should warn you that it is pricey! In 1956, it retailed at a bit over 300 dollars. Now, a newly constructed Eames Lounge will run you about $4500 before tax in the United States, with some classics selling in auction for close to the $7000 mark! Even high quality and convincing replicas approach two grand. The European Vitra version is even more expensive. But hey, we can dream right? If you’re ever blessed enough to purchase one of these beauties, however, the attention to detail and high quality, hand crafted construction will last decades making it an heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation.

This chair made its TV debut in 1956 on NBC’s broadcast of Arlene Francis’s ‘Home’. You can watch the videos of this vintage appearance on Youtube. Part one here and part two here for those interested. 

This chair is often quoted for its prominent appearance in the hit show Frasier (reportedly seen in all episodes but one!). I'm not the hugest Frasier fan, however, so my favourite guest appearance of the chair is on Gossip Girl, where it was recovered in a gorgeous Missoni fabric. 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about this iconic and historical piece of furniture as much as I enjoyed researching it! Stay tuned every Friday for an edition of Favourite Furniture Fridays.
Love always, Tiffany Leigh

Get the Look for Less

One of my favourite stores right now is Dynamite. It's so affordable and offers trendy and popular looks for much less. Here a couple of celebrity inspired pieces that I own that I LOVE.

At the Friends with Benefits movie premiere in July 2011, the always fashionable Olivia Palermo donned this ultra sheer white blouse with a maxi printed skirt. The sheer blouse has become a major trend for many celebrities.
Dynamite offered the look for less with this sheer white blouse for under $30. When I bought mine, they only had a size Small when I usually wear an Extra Small, but the loose look works! (It looks less sheer when it's on)

Anybody out there a fan of Gossip Girl? I am, and I loved the character Charlie Rhodes in this gold, sparkly sweater. Unfortunately, it's a bit out of the budget. Alice + Olivia Crewneck Rhinestone Sweater for $330

Although not an exact match, this sequined sweater from Dynamite achieves the same look and vibe for only $18! It was the perfect sweater for the holidays, but isn't too festive so it can be worn year round. Money well spent.
Hope you enjoyed, now go out and shop! You don't have to have the income of a celebrity to look like one.
Love always, Tiffany Leigh

New Years Resolution

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to New Years Resolutions. For the first few days, everyone approaches their resolutions with gusto and eagerness, but before long, real life resumes post-holidays and those good intentions fade into 'maybe next years'. 2012, however, is going to be a BIG, huge, lifechanging year for me.
1) I'm moving out of my parents' house
2) I'm starting a new educational path
3) I will be going to school with future designers in Toronto

These things all lead me to think that something has got to change in order to accommodate all of these grown up changes. My resolution: Look the part.

Something you should all know about me, I LOVE sweatpants, more than I probably should. This is not to say that I wear them all of the time, but I am definitely one of those students who rolls out of bed, throws on some sweats and shows up in class looking lazy (I should note that I am NOT actually lazy at school, just averaged a 91% this semester eeee). As an undergrad at a predominantly 'farming' university and having to drive forty five minutes just to arrive on campus, however, I've felt somewhat entitled to take advantage of the sweat pant luxury while I still can.

By the way, If you happen to be in the market for an amazing pair of sweatpants, I pretty much live in my Roots Original Pocket Sweats in Salt and Pepper. Cute, comfy and excellent quality. Available at

BUT, I know that in Toronto, sweats everyday just won't cut it. Especially considering I will be attending a SMALL school where everyone I run into may play a potential role in my future career. Gotta represent myself right. Besides, I've got a lot of nice clothes that don't get worn nearly enough.

Thus, its time to start dressing more professionally, more often. Start putting my best foot forward to make those good first impressions, and look the part of a successful interior designer. It's never too early to start!

What's YOUR resolution? I'd love to hear :) 

Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve…

First of all I want to thank everyone for all the lovely Christmas Wishes I received! So nice reading all of these nice words and wishes!
I do hope that you all enjoy a wonderful Holiday time!
Tomorrow Jan’s daughter Nele and her family will arrive to spend some time with us. So we are preparing their stay.
We will celebrate New Year’s Eve together! So we are looking forward to their arrival.
I might think we will spend a lot of time gathering around the fire place and watching Alexa and Tristan open their presents which are still under the Christmas tree. And we will certainly go for a walk in our neighbourhood, do some horse riding,…etc.
And yes of course we will prepare a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner!
A precious time together with family!

This is a collage of pictures of passed New Year’s Eve. Collage
Jan and me give everyone of you our best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Succesful 2012!!!!!


Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Word on My street

Good News and Great News

So If y'all lovers were unaware......I have only been at this whole blogging thing for just about a year. 

I also have only opened up shop as Amber Interiors for about 9 months...and in that 9 months I have been busy...


Non Stop

Anyways, I have decided I need to take some much needed time off from Amber Interiors to be with my family.

I am closing up shop from Today December 21st. until the 3rd of January 2012!

This means so many things to me you have no idea..

Lateley, I am so flippin pre-occupied with work that my house and family go without 100% of me. 

Which means shit starts to pile up and G start to say things like

"No MaMa's in work, pease"
(heart wrenching)

I need to take some time to kiss my baby G at least 7,000 more times then I normally do in a day.

Give the duck some quality us time and go on a long over due bowling date night. 

Take Penny the Hound to the park and give Stella the cat some cat nip.

 I am gonna take the time to  finally  decorate G's room 

 I am gonna clean the shit...literally,  outta my house

I am gonna get my ass on a workout schedule and start getting some kinda fitness routine going

I may or may not crank out a few paintings

Take some cool photos of cool things

Have a garage sale...and blog tag sale...

Get healthier hair by taking my fish oils...every day

Naturally develop bigger breasts and grow longer legs

Write a Christmas album

Train Penny to do her hound poops in the toilet 

and then go outside and help the Cat, Stella, Rake the leaves off the lawn. 

Learn to whistle dixie

And get my scuba diving certification so that I can search for sunken treasure.

When I set a goal....There is nothing I can't achieve!

Don't fret..

I will not be off the blog 

I will keep it as fancy as poss..

.hopefully have some time to get some DIY projects done.

Please don't be mad and throw your fist at the computer screen if I miss a day or two blogging over the next two weeks..
I might just be hungover those days

If you are interested in E-Design or setting up a consultation for Design Services, please feel free to email me and we can set you up for the New Years Calendar!

Just a little note to say Thanks!!!!

Thanks for reading this here bloggy and for making me feel so special all the time..

Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

Old Mac Donald...

Had some art..

e, i, e, i, ohhhhhhhh 

Big statement animal art ain't just for kids rooms...


I wanna just let you lovers know that I love you....

I love you because I keep posting pretty pictures even though I just wanna not open my computer and sit on my couch for a month and do this....

eat this

while watching reruns of this

Love you...mean it

More Christmas atmosphere


All around the blogosphere, the most wonderful Christmas decoration images are to discover.

Today I share some of my favorites.


1Château de Vaux le Vicomte France   source


3Place Vendôme Paris  source


2Bruges Belgium  source unknown


4 source Desde my Ventana


5 source


8 source Lefèvre Interiors


6 source Habitually Chic


7source Linen & Lavender


Enjoy these last days of this year!