Senin, 28 Februari 2011


What a weekend! I painted G's room, painted a dresser, made some curtain panels, and have almost finished the cork board in our office.
My fingers are raw to the bone from sanding and painting and my back feels like a 100 year old pack mule.  G's room looks adorbs. Give me some time to zshush it up and I will take some snazzy photos for ya.
Hey dudes...have you been to pier one lately?  They have some really radical stuff for super cheap prices. I have been looking for wacky swirly frenchy chairs and I finally found them. 120 doll hairs and white to I can paint them whatever color I damn well please!

It is all about craftsmanship


One of our clients contacted us with a rather unusual question. A few years ago he had bought a beautiful 19th century gothic styled architectural element for its beauty and the craftsmanship this piece radiated.

So this client asked my company LEFEVRE INTERIORS not only to restore this damaged wooden element but even to design a bookcase in which this element could be integrated! Not that simple!

First of all we had to restore the damaged woodcarving of the existing element and second we had to find the suitable gothic design details in order to start the design of the bookcase. I browsed into all the books I could possibly find about gothic ornaments and here is what we made of it.

Finally our client was most pleased with the result!



This is the bookcase brought in at our client’s home.

(picture by me)


2It all started with this existing gothic element we used as the upper part of the bookcase.

(picture by me)

3 This is the new gothic paneling of the lower part of the bookcase.

(picture by me)

4 I can’t find a before picture of the existing element anymore, but you should notice that the wood was mostly uncolored. Our client wanted to have a ‘tobacco’ finish of the wood.

The bookcase now is ready to be filled with books!

(picture by me)

I do love working with antique elements and thinking about a way to integrate them in an interior design project.

As this French walnut 18th century double door I bought in France some years ago. I couldn’t resist its beauty!

7 The door is awaiting its final destination into a client’s home, or maybe brought in at my own home one day!

Can you imagine this door used in a design project as in these French styled paneled rooms :

(picture by me)

9image source : The Neo Lifestyle

13image source :

11image source : Gypsy Purple

12source : unknown

10source : unknown



Isn’t the detailling of the hand woodcarving stunning?

image source : Lefèvre Interiors

8 One of our craftsmen at work.

image source : Lefèvre Interiors



Whether you like these shown antique elements or not, it is all about the craftmanship, don’t you agree?!




 To the anonymous winner of my Beta-Plus book give away : please send me your name and address!!! If  I have not received it by Friday, March,4th, I will choose another winner.

Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

And the winner of the Beta-Plus book give away is…


Congratulations to the anonymous writer of this comment !!!



You all knew that everyone had the chance to win, where ever you live! But this is very coincidental, I might think that this reader lives in Belgium or in the Netherlands, because this comment is written in Dutch.

So please, dear Anonymous, send me your name and address  at

I will send you as soon as possible the Beta-Plus publication  ‘BEST OF 500 TIJDLOZE INTERIEURS’


I want to thank everyone of you who has entered this give away! It was a pleasure to read all of your comments!

Wish you a wonderful weekend!!



Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Hand Painted

My lovely and talented "Super Mommy" friend has just launched her website and I am so proud of her! Her son is 4 months younger than G and is G's best little buddy.. You have to look at the nursery she created for her little one. Her husband carved each animal out of wood and then she came and hand painted it all. Each animal is on pegs so that they can come off and the kids can play with them. Genius! Look at the details. Go take a gander at her website and please contact her if your in the Los Angeles area, like her style and are interested in hiring her for mural painting or Interior design work!. She is also a textile designer!

Blogger Room 2 Ways

Hi Y'all! I am sooooo excited about my little series over here. I have a fantastic guest poster today. The lovely Danika from Gorgeous Shiny Things!!!! If any of you haven't become her number one fan yet, you must go check her out. She is the genius behind these amazing images

Anyways back to the post.... Danika has been in the process of re-decorating her living room and apparently, doing this series gave her the mojo she needed to get in gear. Here is what her living room two ways came out looking like

first way:

second way:

The first living option I think is my favorite.. I am a sucker for a gallery wall and an even bigger sucker for bright colored pillows on a neutral background!!!
 Thanks Danika for sharing your beautiful living room with us. Can't wait to hear which room you all like the best. And if you wanna get lost in a blog for a couple hours go take a look at  Gorgeous Shiny Things

The decorative art of a painter-artist


Earlier this week I was contacted by Christophe Biret-Jacques, a decorative painter from France, who recently installed his company in Belgium.

He wanted to introduce me to his beautiful decorative art : trompe l’oeil, murals, painted ceilings, marble and wood imitations.

I couldn’t withdraw you from the beautiful images he emailed me. So I asked Christophe permission to post them on my blog!

Christophe Biret-Jacques is an autodidact and is very passionate about his “métier”.

The artist’s references are multiple and international, in public or private sector.

Christophe’s recently started company DECORATIVE-EFFECT proposes diverse services, from interior design to decorative art, its notoriety.

‘Decorative-effect’ guarantees the most competent decorative art for all of your national or international design projects.


WWW.DECORATIVE-EFFECT.COM, an address to file.


Enjoy !







bois 2

book mabres rouge

marbre blanc 2 - copie


The website of Christophe Biret-Jacques is under construction.

2011-02-25_121243 ___


I’ll be back tomorrow to announce the winner of my Beta-Plus book give away!



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