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Beautiful finds to share with you


As an interior decorator I am always on the search for the right pieces of furniture and decorative items to bring into my client’s home.

The passed days I was looking for some items to finish a project I was working on and I came across some beautiful pieces of furniture, old or new, and some fabulous decorative stuff!

I wanted to share with you these items together with the addresses where I found all of it, because I might think that maybe you could be interested in it.

Proposing my client a new piece of furniture or decorative item, I always try to show the item on the hand of design images on which the chosen piece is seen.

That is why here today I post the discovered item together with an image that is helpful to imagine the item brought into your home.



A trestle coffee table with an 18th century Italian walnut panel 

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


50  A trestle table by Axel Vervoordt (image source unknown)


34 A coffee table with 18th century Italian walnut panels on iron frames

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


33 Coffee table by Jean-Loup Daraux (Photo credit Mario Ciampi)


16 Low bench, the Alps

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


4 Bench in hall way.  Image source AT EASE INTERIORS


39 French bench

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


38These benches are wonderful placed around a large table as in this mountain house.

image source The Essence Of The Good Life


9A console table, walnut, Italy, 18th century.

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


21Would you ever have thought about using a console table this way in your powder room ? Fabulous isn’t it?



31 Italian folding table, pine, Italy early 19th century

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


32 Folding table by ATELIER AM (image source Veranda, photo credit John Coolidge)


28Leather chair French Alps, 19th century

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


27 What a beautiful still! (image source Inspiring Interiors)


17Set of 6 os de mouton chairs, bleached, upholstered with old linen, French 19th century

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


1 Do you remember my post about the redo of my sister’s orangery? I placed os de mouton chairs around the dining table.

(photo by me)


20Table Dolomites 19th century

 AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


18 This kind of table used as a desk!

(image source The Architectural Antique Review)


14 Italian cupboard 18h century

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


51image source unknown  (Photo credit Morten Holtum)


47 Collection of Italian stools, 19th century

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


48 Stool as a coffee table by Darryl Carter

(image source Wreckorated)


19 Spanish tians, 19th century

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


2Isn’t that wonderful to place these tians as decorative items or even using them as a functional item in your kitchen?

(image source unknown)


10 French pudding molds, 19th century

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


52 In my kitchen I hung the mold on the wall  (right corner) as a decorative item.

(Photo credit : My kitchen photographed by Jo Pauwels for Beta-Plus)


8Chinese oil lamps, late 18th century

AM PROJECTS  www.amprojects.be


49 Place the oil lamps in a group, as I did in my living room, and you will create a wonderful ambiance!

(photo by me)


PLEASE CONTACT AM PROJECTS at www.amprojects.be


All images of the AM PROJECTS items are posted with permission of AM PROJECTS.



Today I discovered some beautiful pictures at the blog Malvini of my friend Veronique.

She wrote about the wine tables which are homemade and handmade at her company MALVINI.

41 Malvini wine table, oak (image source Malvini)

I love adding wine tables in the house. You always find a place to bring them in, in your kitchen, your living room, wine cellar, conservatory,…

The pictures of the Malvini wine tables in French chateaux were posted by Veronique on her blog yesterday! HERE


image source Malvini blog

A good idea to place them in your garden!

image source Malvini blog

Wouldn’t you love to sit here for a moment right now!!


46 image source unknown


And this is a monastery table by Malvini

45 Whether you place this table in …

44Image source The Essence Of The Good Life

a contemporay interior or…


35Image source www.collection-privee.com

in a classic styled interior, it looks nice!!



PLEASE CONTACT MALVINI at www.malvini.be



A few months ago, I posted about ALEXANDRA SIEBELINK, an interior designer from The Netherlands.

I really love her design style! She is so talented and knows to create the most wonderful interiors!

Alexandra is also a blogger. Discover her blog HERE. You will not be disappointed!


Here is what I found on Alexandra’s website.


12A Han Vase 220 before C- 200 after C, transformed into a table lamp.


6 Don’t you love the way Alexandra is placing all those gorgeous items together!?


11Han dynastie Hu vase

Notice that patina!


13 Incense burners Han dynasty


5 I might think that Alexandra uses the incense burners as planters here on that wine table.


PLEASE CONTACT ALEXANDRA SIEBELINK at www.alexandrasiebelink.nl

All images are of the website of Alexandra Siebelink.


And last but not least, I discovered some gorgeous pieces of furniture at TROVE GALLERY.


22 As this gorgeous 19th century Catalan chalk painted table.

TROVE GALLERY www.trovegallery.com


23 This kind of table made me think about the one I brought into my sister’s orangery.

(photo by me)


30 And this Swedish baroque cupboard, late 18th century. Definitely one of my favorites!

TROVE GALLERY www.trovegallery.com


29 The cupboard reminded me of a picture of ALEXANDRA SIEBELINK I posted earlier. The cupboard from Trove Gallery looks very familiar with the corner cabinet here.


25 Mountain cupboard Italy, 17th century

TROVE GALLERY www.trovegallery.com


3 You could store the earlier showed molds and pottery from AM PROJECTS in it!

TROVE GALLERY www.trovegallery.com


37 What do you think of this beautiful primitive 18th century chair from Switzerland?

TROVE GALLERY www.trovegallery.com


36 I love the way Walda Pairon placed these mountain chairs around her kitchen table.



PLEASE CONTACT TROVE GALLERY at www.trovegallery.com

or discover the Trove Gallery furniture on 1stDIBS here.

The images of the antiques pieces of furniture ar of the Trove Gallery website.


I hope this post was inspirational to you to find the right furnitue and decorative items for your home?!




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