Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Belgian Pearls 3rd Anniversary


Dear friends and readers, today it is my 3rd blog anniversary!

I have such a great time blogging and have met so many wonderful people! Some of you became really good friends. I want to thank everyone of you, from around the world, following my blog!

I sincerely thank you for the fine comments on my blog posts and for the support I receive from oh so many blogcolleagues! I do hope you will understand that I don't have time to comment all of your blogposts (I wished I could!), but I do the best I can to reply to all the emails I receive from you (being one of my readers or blogcolleagues).

THANK YOU  my readers and colleagues for all your support and for being loyal followers of Belgian Pearls!

Today I posted some random chosen images of earlier blogposts and of which I do know you loved them.



9Orangery of Axel Vervoordt (Picture by me).


4Orangery Garnier Antiques (Photo Credit Claude Smekens).


17Image source here.


12Terrace at my home (Picture by me).


20At my sister’s home (Photo credit Montse Garriga).


7Source unknown.


3Image source here.


13Our orangery (Picture by me).


31Image source here.


11Image source here.


1Source unknown.


2Source unknown.


6Image soure here.


26Image source here.


14My library (Photo credit Claude Smekens).


22Home of Natalie Haegeman (Source here).


23Image source here.


27Image source here.


18Image source here.


21My sister’s orangery (Photo credit Montse Garriga).


25Home of architect Xavier-François Van Damme.


16Home of Natalie Haegeman (Source here).


29Image source here.


15My home (Photo credit Claude Smekens).


From my home to yours : this virtual bouquet of roses!


Without all of you ‘Belgian Pearls’ wouldn’t survive!

IMG_6623Bouquet of roses at my home (Photo credit Efie De Grande).




Steal the Look: Animal Print Pillows

Animal print is so in right now, and some people really know how to use it.
My jaw literally dropped when I saw this image last week:
via Pawleys Island Posh
Gorgeous Right? But a leopard chair might not be for everyone (even though it should be...).
A great alternative would be to get a leopard print pillow, which is less of a commitment and definitely more affordable.
via Etsy
These bolster pillows have a similar toned print to the upholstered chair, which is more subtle than the traditional bold gold and black. It reads as a neutral. Why not reverse the image above and throw these on a coral chair! (Wait...what do you mean the hubby wouldn't approve of a coral chair either!?).

via Gary Riggs
I just adore this room by Gary Riggs. The combination of teal and purple and gold is rich and jewel-y. The most unexpected thing in this room for me is the zebra striped pillow, which adds a hit of darkness and bold pattern to a more traditional space.
via Etsy
This lumbar pillow has the same chunky stripe as the room above! Love that.

Are you a fan of animal print?

Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Coral Chevron, Coral Jeans

My new fabric arrived from Tonic Living and wouldn't you know it, it's the perfect compliment to my coral skinnies! I'm going to make the cutest throw pillows for my new place with this (once I learn how to sew that is). It also comes premade as a throw pillow, for those of us who can't make our own...I probably should have gone this route.
I feel like I'm going slightly insane with the amount of pillows (and combo of patterns) that I'm planning to cram into my tiny space but I mean come on! Did a little over pillowfication ever hurt anyone?
Everyone loves coral, everyone loves chevron, therefore this fabric is perfection, no?

Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof


 Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof that opened its doors last year is a four-star de luxe hotel situated in the heart of the historic city of Ghent (Belgium).

The oldest part of the building is a typical 18th century hotel or town house, built in the FrenchLouis XIV style. Its interior reflects a prestigious Empire style, including a commanding winding stair case and various Empire chimneys. The architect was lord Olivier Reylof (1684-1742), a Gent merchant’s son and adept poet composing Latin poetry.

The original construction request dates from 1724 and it was restored several times.

Since 1990 the town hotel together with the coach house are listed monuments.

2 Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof.


6The Hotel Entrance.








31The backside of the hotel with the terrace where you can see the historic part and the new built part of the hotel.


A rich French-style décor.

30The winding stair.






9Meeting room.



Gorgeous door details.



16Beautiful 18th century French Empire styled elements.


28One of the various Empire chimneys.


Centre for the leisure activities, housed in the historic coach house.





The more contemporary part of the hotel.



11One of the contemporary styled bedrooms.

In the rooms hang unique works of arts made with oil paint and ink by the Dutch artist Rick Triest, especially created for the hotel.

32This is the work of art by Rick Triest, hanging in the entrance of the hotel.

A lot of attention is paid to the choice of the wallpaper, fabrics and lighting. Lighting by Vaughan, fabrics and wallpaper by Christian Lacroix and Designers Guild.


The restaurant and bar ‘Lof’.




Fabrics and wallpaper by Christian Lacroix and Designers Guild.









Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof
Hoogstraat 36
9000 Gent

Tel: +32 (0)9 235 40 70


Maybe you will love to spend some time at this gorgeous hotel next time you visit Belgium!

I wish you a wonderful stay!




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