Selasa, 30 April 2013

Bathroom delight


Today I am pleased to show you some pictures of a bathroom we recently installed in a client’s home.

Except we still have to hang the light fixtures above the sink cabinet, the bathroom is finished.

For the redo of this bathroom, we chose to work together with the Belgian architect and designer Philippe Timmerman.

2013-04-30_082759 Realisation Lefèvre Interiors - Design Philippe Timmerman

The bathroom cabinets, paneling and inner doors are executed in light stained oak. For the floor is chosen for a combination of carrara marble and a belgian gris des ardennes limestone.

2013-04-30_082858Realisation Lefèvre Interiors - Design Philippe Timmerman

The wall with the small round windows is completely new constructed and the hidden doors give access to a walk-in closet while the oak inner doors give access to the powder room and lavatory.

2013-04-30_082931Realisation Lefèvre Interiors - Design Philippe Timmerman

Also for the countertops is chosen for the gris des ardennes limestone.

2013-04-30_084036Realisation Lefèvre Interiors - Design Philippe Timmerman


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Talk to you soon!



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Jumat, 26 April 2013

Baby Blog Party: I'm Hosting!

Hey loves! Today I'm hosting the blog party over at Simply Baby where I'm thrilled to be a style contributor. 
Do you think I created a mixy-matchy nursery, or a matchy-matchy one?
You'll just have to head on over to find out ;)
But I'll give you a hint, it features this fab jumping off point:
via The Animal Print Shop
Click on the image below to head on over and check it out!


Living room redo so far


Good morning my readers, I do know that a lot of you like to be updated about our living room redo.


About a week ago, the artist painter finished the paneling patina.

2-1Before bringing on the final coat, we added the mirrored glass into the paneling above the fire place.


4A close up from the double door towards the dining room.


5A detail of the paneling.

It is always diffficult to see the exact color of the patina in a picture. We have chosen for a faded green, a verdigris.


8This week, the painters started to paint the window frames and will going on to paint the ceiling.


3-1Everything wrapped in!


In the meantime I am thinking about the type of wall lights we need to have in the room.

I already ordered a pair of French LXV appliques in an unlacquered polished brass from Vaughan which will be added on both sides of the mirror.

7 Vaughan


And this pair of 18th century Italian wall lights, which I found a couple of months ago at Brigitte & Alain Garnier Antiques, will be hung on the paneling.

8Brigitte & Alain Garnier Antiques


A few days ago we received the rim lock and handles for the secret doors from van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware.



In one of the next days I will have to make a decision about the window treatment fabrics! There are so many beautiful fabrics ! So hard to make a decision!

9Fabrics Colefax & Fowler and Chelsea Textiles

To be continued…

If you missed my earlier posts about our living room redo, please click HERE.


Enjoy the weekend!




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Kamis, 25 April 2013

I Finally Got Instagram!

my first instagram pic ever!
"If we're going to be friends let's get one thing straight...I hate snoops!" - Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Well Holly, you would most likely hate me then (although the thought of that truly torments me since I want to be your best friend) because I love snooping.  Whenever I'm at my friends' houses I'm always looking in their closets and drawers to see what they've got. I realize this makes me seem incredibly nosey... and I'm okay with that. I am a blogger after all.
And now I'm inviting you to snoop my life, because I FINALLY GOT INSTAGRAM. And I can snoop you right back.
My old phone bit the dust and I hopped on the iPhone bandwagon.
As of right now, however, I'm the instagram equivalent of Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls when she eats her lunch alone in the bathroom....friendless.
Please ladies, lets be Instagram friends! I promise to post lots of pretty, decor related things (and probably a few too many photos of my cat). Plus, you'll get an inside look on my everyday happenings.
Follow me here! xo

Rabu, 24 April 2013

Black and Gold Lamps: So Glam

I was visiting my parents the other week and I found a brass lamp base in a box in the basement.
Unreal Find.
When I looked up 'brass lamp' on Pinterest, you wouldn't believe how many 'paint that old ugly brass lamp' pics I came across, and lets just say mine is of the same know, the old school ones that generally had dusty rose lamp shades and whatnot.
Maybe it's just because brass is so hot right now, but I'm in love with the lamp...I see the potential. I just need to find the perfect black drum shade to go with it... trickier than you might think! I found one at HomeSense but it wasn't tall enough to hide the ugly stuff.

In the mean time, here is some inspiration of the hollywood glam I'm hoping to recreate:
Eddie Ross via DecorPad

via Lonny August 2012
Amanda Dawbarn via the Glitter Guide
via Pinterest
via with-intention
I saw a possible lamp shade option at Walmart but they were sold out. I'll have to check in soon!

Senin, 22 April 2013

Five Pieces of Furniture you can Add to a Washroom

You probably won't be able (and shouldn't try) to fit all of these suggestions in one washroom, but it sure is amazing what adding a piece of furniture can do to a bathroom. It improves functionality, adds warmth to the space, and makes it feel more decorated, and more like a living space. I love it.

1. Garden stool
Any stool takes up very little space, and is therefore a great option for those of us with smaller bathrooms. I like garden stools because they won't be damaged by moisture or humidity, and are easy to clean. Use one in a large shower as a little seat or table, pulled near the tub to perch on while washing the little ones, or as a little side table for a glass of wine during a nice bubbly bath.
2. Chair
A chair also doesn't take up much room, but it can add a great amount of texture, warmth and pattern to a generally stark space.
Sarah Richardson via
3. Bar Cart
Now, we know bar carts are all the rage right now. As much as I adore a bar cart stocked full of booze, I also love them in the bathroom to hold pretty soaps, towels, apothecary jars, etc.
via Linda McDougald Design
4. Vanity
I'm talking a free standing vanity here people, one not attached to the walls or floor and definitely no sink on top. This is an option that requires a little more space, of course, but if you've got it, use it! It doesn't have to be a huge vanity, just a perfect little perch for your perfumes and makeup. How glamorous.
Sarah Richardson via
5. Dresser
Alright, most of us won't have this kind of space, so you can always convert an antique dresser into a sink base to achieve this look. But a separate dresser in the washroom can add ample storage, mega warmth if it's wood toned, and even act as a great perch for a lamp if you so choose.
Ralph Lauren's home via Habitually Chic
Other great ideas: a bench and a shelf or etagere.
What is your fave 'extra' furniture piece to see in a washroom!?
Happy Monday xox

Minggu, 21 April 2013

Back from the Cotswolds


Hello my friends, we are back home from a 3-days trip to the Cotswolds, the most beautiful and most famous part of the UK! This area really stole my heart!

Since a long time, the Cotswolds were on my ‘to visit’- list and thanks to one of our clients who lives in the area, Jan and me had the opportunity to explore a part of the region after we had a meeting at our client’s home.

The Cotswolds are often called ‘the heart’ of England.

Today I share with you a few pictures I took during the trip! No much words needed!

I will post more about the Cotswolds in a later post!

1Cirencester, Barnsley


2Cirencester, town center


3Cirencester, Barnsley


4Cirencester, Barnsley House


5Antiques shopping in Stow


6Cirencester, The Village Pub  (photo source The Village Pub website)



To know more about The Cotswolds, please click here, here and here.

Jan and me are in love with this beautiful and inspiring area and we definitely will go back to see more!


I wish you all a wonderul Sunday!



Jumat, 19 April 2013

Favourite Furniture Fridays: The Green Room Interiors

 I'm thrilled to have talented designer Kim from The Green Room Interiors here today sharing her favourite piece of furniture. Did you guys see her reveal for the One Room Challenge? Seriously good stuff. And her fave piece? Well...get ready to be jealous ladies! I know I am.
Hi there! I'm very excited to be here at the lovely Tiffany's blog today.  I love following Tiffany's career path and seeing her work and her style develop. No doubt this talented and adorable lady will have clients waiting in line!
Actually, we're stretching the definition of "furniture" today, because my favorite piece is my bed.  And it's a stretch because my bed is basically a big chinoiserie screen mounted to the wall behind my bed frame and mattress. Like this:
  The screen was a very lucky find I discovered at a local resale shop.  I spied it one afternoon and couldn't stop thinking about it the entire night  so I went back the next day to make the purchase.
 The screen was really the jumping off point for the entire room. Obviously I love to use Chinoiserie and my bedroom really pushes the envelope.  I also knew that with the screen being such a big and dramatic element in the room, that everything else in the room should play a supporting role.
And I think Ellie approves:
And that's my favorite piece of furniture!  If you'd like to see more of my bed and bedroom, you can click here.
Thanks again for inviting me over, Tiffany!!
Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous piece with all of us Kim! I'm terrible at making a bed look so nicely made...I need your secrets!

On another note, I'm very excited to announce that I'm a new style contributor over at Simply Baby's blog party taking place each Friday over the next six weeks. I know I don't have a babe (nor plan to for awhile) but I sure do love designing nurseries! Click on the image below to head on over the the party to see my blog friend Beth of Design Post Daily, who is getting the party started today! The theme of the shindig: Matchy-matchy or mixy-matchy nurseries. Mine will be next Friday!
These are the other talented bloggers involved:
 Elizatbeth of The Little Black Door
Heather of Vivid Hue Home
Cindi and Emily of Scrappy Love
Katherine of Rhymes with Smile
Kelley of Forever's Like a Dream

Kamis, 18 April 2013

Tassel Garland Pinboard

I've added a little tassel garland (that I made for 2 dollars using this tutorial) to my DIY ribbon and linen pinboard. I'm planning to add a couple of mint and silver tassels as well, but my dollar store didn't have those colors so the hunt continues.
So far my biggest challenge with this pinboard has been actually filling it! Although I'm inspired by so much, I just hate ripping pages out of my magazines...I know it's silly. One day I will commit to really putting together a well styled board, but for now I think this garland does the trick of filling it up nicely!

Today I am praying for Texas, praying for Boston, praying for the whole world.