Selasa, 19 April 2011

Boucherouite Pronounced: Rul-Kewl-Sheeeet

Why do I torture myself with the thoughts of owning things I KNOW I can not own. Maybe because I assume that one day I will be Scrooge McDuck rich and will dive off diving boards into puddles of golden coins? Whenever I get the urge to lurk at my precious unattainable goods, I can just click on my "dream files" on my computer desktop and away to Paradise I go.

I had purposely  forgotten about these rugs I am about to show you for fear that I would sell an ovary to buy one, is that strange?. I mean, these rugs are timeless and will never go out of style...right? I am pretty sure these beauties were around when Jesus was still kickin' it. Moral of the story I must have this rug because Jesus loved this rug and so the Duck should let me have one so that we are doing what's right by the man upstairs. 


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