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Belgian kitchen love

I do believe that Belgian designers are very good at designing kitchens. Every time I am browsing a new issue of a Belgian magazine or a new published book about Belgian interior design I discover the most beautiful and inspiring images of Belgian kitchens.


What do you think about the kitchen in the first 2 images. Isn’t that a warm and inviting space?

I love the terracotta tiled floor and the weathered oak cabinets. And the round table with the LXV dining chairs is so beautiful and well chosen.

1Sels Exclusieve Villabouw via Magazine Home Sweet Home, Herfst 2011

Notice the combination of the wall cabinetry. A combination of painted and oak cabinet doors.

And having a fireplace as this one in your kitchen!

2Sels Exclusieve Villabouw via Magazine Home Sweet Home, Herfst 2011


A typical Belgian styled kitchen in the following images : Belgian bluestone for the floor and kitchen counters ,Delft kitchen tiles and a combination of oak and steel cabinet doors.

32 Sels Exclusieve Villabouw

31 Sels Exclusieve Villabouw


My own kitchen here. Oak cabinetry and carrara marble for the floor and the kitchen counter top.

A combination of paneled and boarded cabinet doors.

39 Lefèvre Interiors   Photo credit Jo Pauwels for Beta-Plus Publishing


Beamed ceiling, Delft tiles and oak cabinetry.

8 Unknown


In the next kitchen I love the grey metal cooker that matches perfect with the grey vained floor tiles.

Notice the steel window next to the kitchen hood.

19 Magazine Wonen Landelijke Stijl April-Mei 2011


A kitchen designed by me in the next image. The marble used here as counter top is called ‘rouge belge’ marble.

40 Lefèvre Interiors   Photo credit Jo Pauwels for Beta-Plus Publishing


Boarded kitchen cabinet doors.

3 Anthracite Interieurs   Photo credit Claude Smekens Fotografie


I love this painted kitchen island and its wooden top! And what a beautiful chandelier hanging above the island!

Keuken 248 Unknown


In the next image you will see one of my all times favorite, new made, Belgian kitchens .As if it has been there for years! Love all the reclaimed materials used here. Very authentic kitchen! Every little detail and accessorie is carefully chosen.The kitchen is designed by the Belgian art historian Christian Van der Graesen.

38 Magazine Wonen Landelijke Stijl n°41


Another gorgeous and very authentic kitchen.

14 Bouwbedrijf Valckenborg


Weathered oak used for the next kitchen. The design of the kitchen island is gorgeous!

15 Architectenbureau Benoit Viaene

And isn’t that a wonderful idea to bring in a kitchen desk?!

17 Architectenbureau Benoit Viaene


Very light and airy kitchen.

6Liedssen Kitchens


Love the beamed ceiling and kitchen hood here.

20 Magazine Juliette & Victor Décembre-Janvier 2011


Love the linen shades and slipcovered chairs. Beautiful color palette.

34 Unknown


And the last 2 images are of kitchens designed by our Belgian interior designer Natalie Haegeman. Natalie is known for her use of exquisite fabrics for window treatment, upholstery and lampshades!

You really are able to recognize Natalie’s gorgeous and oh so charming kitchens.

7 Natalie Haegeman Interiors

Love,love,love the blue/white striped fabric here!

33 Natalie Haegeman Interiors


All these Belgian kitchens are not only gorgeous to cook in but you can even live in all of them. Don’t you agree?

I do hope you loved my Belgian kitchen post of today! Do you have any favorite?



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