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Trend I'm Loving: Faux Fur

Fur is in. It's a hot trend in both fashion and home decor. Faux fur is in for those of us either on a budget, or for those of us who were moved by 101 Dalmations. Faux furs come in many different styles, colours, and faux 'animal' types, so there's one out there to suit everyone's style. Adding a fur vest or jacket can pump up the luxe level of an outfit. Adding a fur rug, throw, or pillow can add an unexpected and trendy flare to any room. It's an especially great accessory in the cold winter months.
Mary Kate and Ashley are often seen rocking this trend. I am personally a big fan of the eclectic, funky and non-rule abiding style of these twins. While they usually wear the real deal, it's possible to acieve the same look with faux!


^^Place a big faux fur throw onto an arm chair to add extra warmth and richness

^^ Faux fur is neutral enough that it can be used to add texture to a room without overpowering the existing colour scheme.

A very popular trend right now is adding small faur fur throws to provide comfort to dining room chairs. I would only employ this decor idea if there were no kids at the table. Regardless, I love how the fur contrasts with and softens up the wire, plastic, and lucite chairs in the following three examples:

1. IKEA RENS Sheepskin, White. $39.99 CAD (sadly, however, I don't think this is faux)
(UPDATE: Thank you to my followers who notified me about the faux version of this sheepskin, also at IKEA but for only 10 dollars! I just picked one up and it's perfect)
2. Bluefly.com Faux Raccoon Long Vest. $198
3. Pottery Barn Ribbed Faux-Fur Throw. $101.53 CAD
4. Forever 21 Crop Faux Fur Jacket. $49.80 CAD
5. Plantation Design Faux Fur Pillow. $65-75

Is this a trend you would indulge in? I want to cozy up in all of it.
xox Tiffany Leigh

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