Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

Get your Curtains Here!

As promised Shoppe is proud to announce some new additions...

I am so excited to be offering them in a couple different "trade-only" fabrics

Trade only you ask...?

Let me explain...

I get about 5-10 emails a day from lovers asking me about where and how much it's gonna cost to get some of the stuff you all see in my designs.

I am an interior designer first and a blogger second, so unfortunately I run into a problem when it comes down to divulging my sources for all the worlds to read.

I am always so tempted to just give you all every detail of what I do and tell you all what it costs but then I would be broke and my kid would have to get a part time job just to help pay the bills....

she's 3 and I am pretty sure that's illegal

anyways....I want everyone to get a piece of designer....and so comes in 
Trade Only Fabric Curtains in standard sizes for all the peeps who so desire and can justify the duckets

Here is what I have to offer so far.

You can go take a peek here

Beats Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware if you ask me!!

don't be scurred to tell your friend and your friends friends that we are open for biznass

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