Kamis, 13 September 2012

under construction

This may very well be my most boring post I ever post..
I warn you now

I am so tapped out of energy and blog ideas, I decided to lull you to sleep with pictures of projects currently under construction...

here's what on my camera roll this week...

client awesome got new drapes, new chairs, new art, and a new layered living room rug....
its coming along lovely!

The newest member to the Amber Interiors Client family just got a fat shipment of some STUNNING stuff...
this is only a smidgen of the goods....trust me when I say...you'll die when this project wraps up

AND...I am gearing up for a pretty gorgeous master bedroom install. The paint and the light fixtures went up today....think serene, metallic, sumptuous love nest 

here are some drapes I installed a while ago that I thought were worth sharing, same client

and folks....
that's all I got!

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