Senin, 12 November 2012


I did it Y'all...I have arrived (Haaaayy)

Big time winner in the hizzzz-ouse

I fully expect to be best friend with Gwyneth Paltrow by the end of the week and  I am pretty sure any second now Jay Z and B are gonna call to set up a playdate with Blue Ivy and G...

I mean we are officially official now .....right??


Ok wait, but really

I am super happy to announce my first glossy magazine. Not once but Twice!

First up


The amazing photographer David Tsay and insane stylist Dani Fisher did a fabulous job of making my house look pretty good 

?? dontcha think ??

Then, this pretty pillow here got some well deserved mag love in Foam Mag

You guys can go make me look good and buy these mags! 

Maybe I'll do a pillow giveaway just to Thank You all for lovin' and supportin'

P.S. My home girl Bailey got some glossy time in HGTV as well....I will let her humble brag about herself and not spoil her fun in case she is talking bout it on her bloggy today as well...

but what I will say is......we look good as mag neighbors

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