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Three designers with their own kind of lamp shades


The interiors of Walda Pairon, Pam Pierce and Natalie Haegeman are trademarked with their personal  lamp shade design.

Paying attention to the design of lamp shades is probably a distinctive mark of female designers.


Belgian interior designer Walda Pairon loves to work with trapezium shaped lamp shades.

8Walda Pairon

12Walda Pairon  Photo credit Claude Smekens

9Walda Pairon  Picture by me

10Walda Pairon  Picture by me

11Walda Pairon  Picture by me


Rectangular shades are noticed in the interiors of American designer Pam Pierce.

4Pam Pierce  Photo credit Peter Vitale

5Pam Pierce  Photo credit Peter Vitale

3Pam Pierce  Photo credit Peter Vitale

7Pam Pierce  Photo credit Peter Vitale

1Pam Pierce  Photo credit Laura Resen for Veranda


Pleated, handsewn lamp shades are the trademark of Belgian designer Natalie Haegeman.

14Natalie Haegeman

13Natalie Haegeman

19Natalie Haegeman

17Natalie Haegeman

20Natalie Haegeman

What is your favorite kind of lamp shade?


Enjoy the weekend!



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