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Beamed ceilings


Don’t you love beamed ceilings?

Beamed ceilings are of all ages, the Romans loved to use wooden beams to decorate the ceilings of their villas.

Palladio (1508-1580) tried to recapture the splendour of antiquity in the villas he built. This is the ceiling of one of the rooms of Villa Saraceno, Vicenza – Italy, built by Palladio around 1550.

9Image source here


Nowadays architects and designers do love to work with wooden ceilings in their new-built or restored houses. A beamed ceiling adds an important architectural element to any room design.

1Image source Decostruct


14Image source Antiek Anresto


6Axel Vervoordt  ‘Living with Light’  Photo credit Laziz Hamani  Image source The Visual Vamp


8Image source Rik Storms


To update your room, you can add a new coat of paint to the wooden ceiling beams.

12Image source Axel Vervoordt


4Image source Garnier Antiques  Photograpy Claude Smekens


2Image source Sextantio Hotel


10Image source Lefèvre Interiors  Photography Montse Garriga


3Image source Joris Van Apers


Beautiful ceiling in the Venetian Palazzo of Axel Vervoordt.

13Image source Axel Vervoordt


Notice this gorgeous beamed ceiling. Interior design by Ann Holden.

11Image source Holden & Dupuy


Addresses in Belgium where to find reclaimed wooden beams :

RIK STORMS http://www.rikstorms.com

JORIS VAN APERS http://www.vanapers.be

ANTIEK ANRESTO http://www.antiek-anresto.be





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